Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Amazing Slashdot discussion about DRM and the future of entertainment products

Slashdot, a voluminous nerd news-site, just ran one of its regular "Ask Slashdot" columns, this time about DRM and copyright:

"In a few weeks, our school will be hosting a panel on DRM with several respected individuals. In advance of the panel, I have been doing some research on the topic and thinking about it in my free time. In economics, we learn that the price of a product is determined essentially by supply and demand. Without a DRM in place, we are capable of making as many copies of a piece of content as we want and seeding it onto the net. How do you create a market for a product, and make money of a product that has a huge initial creative investment, but then no manufacturing cost, and is in infinite supply?"

The discussion that follows is erudite, exhilerating, frustrating and funny. Highly recommended.


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