Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Open Source Blogging in Israel

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported earlier today on a new initative related to open source blogging in Israel.
Shachar Shemesh, an open source activist and blogger, wrote a plug-in for Wordpress which enables Israeli bloggers to migrate from the popular blog authoring site http://israblog.nana.co.il/ , which is a proprietary blogging site owned by the Israeli company Nana to the open source based authoring tool Wordpress. His piece of software is downloadable from the Hebrew website http://blog.shemesh.biz/?page_id=387) and opens new possibilities for Israeli bloggers, allowing them to migrate their successful blogs to an independent non-proprietary environment. According to what we heard in class today from Jason Schulz, this would have probably been unlawful in the U.S, but since the discussion about an Israeli DMCA is still in its infancy, we will have to see if Nana will sue and on what basis.

Hebrew link: http://www.haaretz.co.il/captain/pages/ShArtCaptain.jhtml?contrassID=11&subContrassID=0&itemNo=759100

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