Friday, November 10, 2006

Brett Ratner: Old/New Media Player

Recently Brett Ratner spoke in the NYX re: Hollywood movie directors losing their content to illegal downloading.

The article proceeded to scare me when Ratner alludes to a "new media" deal to produce content online:

Mr. Ratner, the director, was driving down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood when he noticed a going-out-of-business sign at Tower Records, the music retailer that once thrived on selling the music of superstars like Prince, Elton John and Madonna. Many here, like him, fear that the problems that plagued the music business are heading their way.

“What happens if the film business is not ahead of the curve?” he asked. “What is going to happen to me? To all of us?”

Mr. Ratner said he had been well compensated as a director. Still, he has urged the Directors Guild of America to look at several issues facing directors, including the fact that they are not paid when music videos they direct are sold on the Internet.

But he is not waiting around to see what the guilds will do or studios will offer either. Mr. Ratner said he was close to announcing a deal with an Internet company to create his own “Saturday Night Live”-style program that he would own outright and distribute online. Then he can bypass studio bosses altogether.

“I could make a lucrative deal for myself,” he said. “This is just the beginning.”


I just finished watching X-Men III. At least, Ratner's early stuff were watchable. X III (why'd Singer have to leave) was best watched in fast-fast forward while focusing on my Online Comm homework. It's worth catching the ending just in case they let a director show some craftsmanship in the next one.

But there are dynamic, truly new business models being created.

Live entertainment a la Betalevel new fusion models is such a more dynamic offering. Or, a low budget film like mine. But if new media just ends re-cycling old media cliches, opportunity will be lost.


Reel Fanatic said...

I'm normally a fairly peaceful person, but if it's going to take killing Ratboy to keep him from making craptastic movies like "X3," I'm willing to make an exception

Lewis Haidt said...

I'd support that. But unfortunately as I attest having worked at the William Morris Agency as a slave in their Mot. Pict. Dept, you'll also have to wipe out most of Hollywood as we know it.