Friday, November 10, 2006

Kahle v. Gonzales

The case in which Brewster Kahle argues that two statutes -- the Copyright Renewal Act and the Copyright Term Extension Act -- violate the Fist Amendment by allowing for illegal copyright renewal of certain works -- was dismissed in CA district court two years ago (the case was then Kahle v. [then U.S. Attorney General] Ashcroft). Now it's on to the 9th Circuit Court.

Brewster Kahle posts:

Kahle v. Gonzales is going to be argued by Larry Lessig on Nov 13th at, maybe 10 or 11AM.

What is at stake is libraries being able to have out-of-print books on their digital bookshelves as they have out-of-print books on the physical shelves we grew up with.

James R. Browning US Courthouse
United States Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit
95 Seventh Street
San Francisco, California 94103
Courtroom 2, 3rd Floor

11/13 UPDATE: Lessig posts on the hearing:
We alleged a change in perhaps the most fundamental “traditional contour” of copyright protection — the shift from the opt-in system that copyright was from 1790=1976 to the opt-out system that copyright has become in the period since.

Lessig goes into even more detail in this post

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